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Affordable cost

ABLA wants to put the educational needs of every student first,

making it very affordable to earn a degree. 


15 Courses   =


 AA in Biblical Studies


  •    FREE  *  Application and Recommendation

  •    $ 125  *  Admin. Fee (Filing, Access Code)

  •    $ 150  *  Graduation Fee (Degree, Unofficial Transcript)


  •    FREE  *  Syllabus

  •   $10  *  Reactivation Fee

  •   $25  *  Extension Fee

  •    Cost Vary  *  Text Books


  •    25% off Spouse Tuition

  •    10% off Military (Active & Non-Active Duty)

  •    10% off Clergy (Currently Full or Part Time)

Only one discount applied to degree

Information Related to Fees and Tuition

Individuals accepted into ABLA, there will be charged an Administration Fee plus full tuition payment before  student will gain access to their personal account of the degree program.

Once the Full tuition for the AA Degree is paid in full ($2100 for AA Biblical Studies) the student will have access for 3 years or a total of 36 months.

Text books vary in cost, although the average cost is about $15.  Students that purchase hard cover books from a book distributor will pay more than if they choose an E-Book.  In some cases an E-book is unavailable for purchase.


Admission Requirements

  • Application Completed

  • Pastoral Recommendation

  • Administration Fee Paid ($125)

  • Tuition Fee Paid in Full

  • 18 Years of Age

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