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Learning at home

We Get It!

The demands of everyday life are unpredictable and if your like most people, schedules are full, financial challenges exist, need daycare and have to work in order to make ends meet.  As a result many forsake personal dreams and callings just to keep up with the demand of a hectic schedule.  ABLA gives students the opportunity to eliminate those potential obstacles, by providing an affordable online degree that is designed to perfectly fit anyone's daily schedule.   

Alliance Bible and Leadership Academy (ABLA) provides personal support and services which are geared to assist students in achieving their educational goals. Our educational program permits students to balance their education, career, family, commitments, and goals.  Students can plan their personal schedule, while working towards their degree from the comfort of home.

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  • Two Year Course (AA Biblical Studies)

  • Fully Accredited (ACEA)

  • Watch video and take Quizzes

  • Affordable Tuition

  • Works on Computer and most Mobile Devices

  • Study from Home (no physical class)

  • Study at your Convenience night or day


Curriculum has been carefully chosen and accompanied with a book and syllabus specific to the students course. Our curriculum is focused on equipping every student with the tools for life and ministry, as well as developing their spiritual maturity.



ABLA is accredited by Academic Counsel for Educational Accountability (ACEA) and in good standing with their institution.  ACEA is a network of Christian educators and administrators providing credibility both through accountability and association. 

This is accomplished through the development of Christ-honoring relationships and the sharing of expertise and resources.  We call these the 3 R's of ACEA: Relationship, Recognition and Resources. 

  • Relationship with like-minded individuals that are also called to influence and impact the education mountain. 

  • Recognition for your school and support team at the annual ACEA Summit and listed on the Partner Page of this website. 

  • Resources available to you as a member and the resources that you will have opportunity to share with others.

For more information about Academic Counsel for Educational Accountability, visit  (

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