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Bachelor of Arts Degree

Marketplace Ministry 

Bachelor of Arts Degree

Marketplace Ministry Degree will prepare a student with the tools to build a godly business and promote the Gospel in a secular market.  ABLA believes in building spiritually healthy entrepreneurs and business owners as full time ministers in the workplace.

Courses & Units


AA Degree

  • 15 Courses


Access to Student Online Account

  • Once enrollment to ABLA has been accepted, the student will be emailed a PASSWORD and LOGIN ID to their personal online page.  The page will have current Courses available to begin their study.

  • Students are required to purchase course textbooks.  For the students’ convenience, a purchase link is provided with the course syllabus.

To Receive Degree

  • Completion of 60 class lectures online (15 courses), including all quizes and exams, and book reading.

  • A letter grade of 'D' or higher with a cumulative GPA of 2.0

  • No outstanding financial obligation to the ABLA.

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